• Topic: Workshop on 'Public Health, Neo-liberal Polices and the withdrawal of the State'
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  • Date: 23rd May, 2015
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  • Topic: Workshop on Science and History in India
  • Date: 23rd May, 2015

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Dr. U.R.Rao, Former chairman of Space Commission

India's industrial output was about 25% of the world's overall industrial output in 1750s. But it has declined to about 2.5% now. This downward plunge was partially reversed after the Independence owing to the institutions that we built for the progress of science and technology. The rapid development of science and technology along with an emphasis on sustainability can eradicate a lot of problems that we face today in India. However, in this exercise the contributions have to be from everyone – especially from the media.

Shri Vajubhai Rudabhai Vala, Governor of Karnataka

It is not the profit motive institutions but the humanity as a whole that develops the intelligence of the people. All India People's Science Congress is an instance where creative minded people and the intelligentsia interact for the development of science.

Shri S.R.Patil, Minister for Science and Technology, Karnataka

S.R.Patil, Minister for Science and Technology, Karnataka

AIPSN is doing an excellent service to the society. Science for social change as a message is in accordance with the constitutional obligations of popularising science and scientific temper. He said that the recommendations of this congress can also be helpful in formulating effective government policies around science. Science education at all levels is a crucial factor for an emerging knowledge economy like India and conferences like these help in furthering these goals.