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Karnataka Prevention of Superstitious Practices Bill

Realizing the importance of the Karnataka Prevention of Superstitious Practices Bill in combating superstitious practices within the state, Bharath Gyan Vigyan Samithi (BGVS) Karnataka and Kuvempu Bhasha Bharathi Pradhikara organized a one day workshop on the Bill. The Workshop discussed legal and social dimensions of the Bill and also elicited the position of major political parties in the State with respect to the Bill.
Prof:Prajwal Shastri of the Indian Institute of Astrophysics speaking at the event commented that the present school curriculum left little room for experimentation. She opined that this considerably hampered the development of scientific temper as science remained a theoretical subject devoid of practice.

Dr. G. Ramakrishna pointed out that superstition is a valuable market commodity that also has abstract gains for the practitioners. The way social relationships are defined and the way in which society functions are crucial in spreading superstitions.

Justice H.N. Nagamohan Das stated that the state should create an environment conducive for citizens to exercise the fundamental duty of developing scientific temper, as enshrined in the constitution. He stated that legislations like the Karnataka Prevention of Superstitious Practices are a vital step in this process.

Dinesh Amin Mattu, the media advisor to the Chief Minister mentioned that superstitions are a mechanism for maintaining the religious status quo in society. The communal forces have been using the politics of superstition to their advantage.

U Bhupathi of the KPCC and G.N. Nagaraj of the CPI[M] spoke in support of the proposed bill.

Start Date: 

Saturday, March 28, 2015 - 07:30