• Topic: Workshop on 'Public Health, Neo-liberal Polices and the withdrawal of the State'
  • Date: 23rd May, 2015...
  • Topic: Workshop on Science and Technology Institutions
  • Date: 23rd May, 2015
  • R Ramanujam is a professor...

  • Topic: Workshop on Science and History in India
  • Date: 23rd May, 2015

Prof. Rajan Gurukkal is an...

  • Topic: Invited Lecture at the Inaugural ceremony
  • Topic: Water Literacy to meet the challenge of Water Governance
  • Date: 22nd May, 2015
  • Topic: 20 years of WTO:Undermining democracy and self reliance - IP, Services, Free Trade Agreements
  • Date: 22nd...

Prof. Satyajit Mayor

  • Topic: Invited Lecture at the Inaugural ceremony

Satyajit Mayor is an Indian biologist who is presently the director of NCBS, Bangalore. The broad aim of Prof Mayor’s research group is to provide an understanding of the molecular mechanisms of endocytosis in metazoan cells, and study this phenomenon at many scales. Professor Mayor is the recipient of several national and international awards such as the Wellcome Trust International Senior Research Fellowship, Swarnajayanti Fellowship, Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award and the JC Bose Fellowship. At the 15th All India People's Science Congress, Prof Mayor is giving a lecture in the inaugural session on 22nd May 2015.