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The 15th All India People's Science Congress

The All India Peoples' Science Network (AIPSN) is a platform of forty Peoples' Science Movements (PSM) in the country for the promotion of scientific temper among our citizens and for the application of science and technology (S&T) for the benefit of the country. In the last twenty five years the AIPSN has worked on several issues on science-society interaction, e.g. in mass literacy campaign, on education, health, environmental questions, rural technology development and dissemination, global warming, scientific and technological self reliance etc. Through these attempts the AIPSN has emerged as a prominent forum for interaction between scientists, technologists, social activists, cultural groups, students, teachers, youth and people from various other walks of life.

These interactive processes find their focused expressions at the All India Peoples' Science Congress (AIPSC), held every two years.

The central theme in these Congresses is the question of Scientific Rationality and the issue of Social Development and Progress. On these questions the AIPSN has definite positions, which it continuously communicates with the people of the country. In a situation where India ranks 135th in terms human development, has the world's largest number of hungry, illiterates and blind, the demand for state's interventions in promoting better lives for the citizens needs to be reiterated amongst the widest possible cross section of the people. In satisfying these needs S&T's central role has to be borne in mind. Scientific temper as enshrined in Article 51Ah of the Indian constitution serves as a guide to the people of the country to understand the world that we live in and the path by which a new and better world can be made: a world which satisfies the material and intellectual needs for all, without exclusion of any individual, social or gender groups. S&T, in this process provides us with the material needs on the one hand and also guides us in the intellectual process towards the cherished goal. In this, the journey is as important as the destination and the AIPSC meetings serve as milestones in this progress.

In the last twenty seven years the AIPSC has met fourteen times in different parts of India. The fifteenth meet, the AIPSC-15, is scheduled to take place in Bangalore on 22nd- 25th May, 2015.

Six hundred delegates from the AIPSN's different constituent organizations will collectively review the progress and set goals for the next few years. Bangalore, with its rich cosmopolitan experience as a premier centre of modern high-tech industry- both in the public and private sector - and centres of higher education and scientific research will provide a unique opportunity for the AIPSN. Issues of paramount importance like the question of development will be debated by the delegates with inputs from the S&T community and with the citizens, in general.